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Friday, December 16, 2011


Well are you sitting in your Scrap Room surrounded by your 'STASH' and thinking 'hmmm I would love some of those lovely new items that Jo @ SCRAPBOOKIT has just received'. Well I was thinking the same thing, so I quickly decided to get cracking and use a couple of Collections 'Bits * Pieces', that I had laying around. So I made these 10 quick cards, together with a little box to put them in. So I have hit 'Two birds with one stone' so to speak!!!!! The collection of papers are all gone and I have made a gift and of course the best thing of all I now don't feel guilty about purchasing some new items.

So you should try it, I think it is a wonderful way to use up those 'bits & pieces'.

Not sure if I will do another post before Xmas, so to one and all have a great Christmas break with Family and Friends.

Until next time.......Happy scrapping......Love Liz


  1. Just lovely Liz Cards are a great way to use your stash

  2. Great idea Liz! That WOULD be satisfying! Love the cards! :D

  3. Lovely idea Liz.....can I borrow you to make a few for me....I am sooooo behind!!!!!!

  4. Way to go Liz!! They look fantastic!


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