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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kaisercraft - Botanical Odyssey

Hello again! 

Rebecca back to share with you a couple more layouts I have created using the gorgeous 'Botanical Odyssey' range from Kaisercraft. Now before I speak about my layouts I need to say, one layout I love, one layout I hate

Firstly the one I love. Apart from the pink flower in the background which I cut with my Cricut the rest of this layout is all die cuts and stickers. This layout was extremely simple to make, once I placed my flower and photo the rest just very easily fell into place. Lots of layering and inking and hey presto!. This layout was complete in under 20 minutes, amazing.  

Ok where to begin with this one, hmmmm I really was reluctant to even post this one. I take LOTS of pride in my work and considered just throwing this one in the bin. However I have decided to post it to teach you all the same lesson I learnt once this was complete. The very very bright background was once white, a lovely crisp white card stock. Once everything else was glued on top, this is where I should have STOPPED work and said, lovely, as it did look quite nice.  No, I decided to add inks and pan pastels to the mix, this is where the pink and purple came in. Once all inked up I looked at it and thought why? why did you do that!!!, I could not take it back. The lesson here is when you are happy STOP, more is not necessarily better, minimal sometimes work. Think before you act otherwise you may be shaking your head just like I am right now. Eeeek!.

Thank you for stopping by to read my slightly long winded blog entry :-)

Be happy and creative!

~ Rebecca ~ 


  1. Oh Wow Bec. You have been busy! Just adore the first layout - all of the layering, inking and some beautiful papers - great job. I think you are being very hard on yourself for your second layout. I can see what you mean though.......thank you for sharing...a good lesson for us all to learn I say. A wonderful post Bec - thank you xx

  2. Thanks for sharing your work Bec, yes a good lesson to take note on, I love what you have done on the first LO.


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