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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kaisercraft Hanging Heart Frame Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the late afternoon post....
Whilst I was very organised prior to today with my post....I totally forgot to come back and complete it and then actually publish the post. So sorry.....

Today I have a step by step tutorial to share with you....all of the products used can be purchased from Scrapbookit. If you can't find them in the online store make sure you send an email to

Last week we had our Retreat in Bright. A sensational weekend filled with plenty of scrapbooking and crafting, heaps of food, lots of inspiring people and their gorgeous work and PLENTY of laughs.
Thanks to Jo for another great one! Already counting down for the next one.........not that we have even thought about that.

At the Retreat I ran a class. Whilst my class was primarily focussed on the techniques of making paper flowers......we used this gorgeous hanging heart frame from Kaiser to display our cute little flowers.
Today, I will focus more on the decorating and putting together of the frame.

Step 1: Preparing Your Frame...
First step is to sand the wooden pieces.
I have created a little document that shows you where to paint etc. When creating mine I used 'Gesso' as an undercoat. I usually water Gesso down so it is a wash consistency and I apply it rather roughly. It is basically to save your paint. Quite often when working with wooden products you find they will soak up your paint initially. By applying Gesso the wood soaks the Gesso ~ better than wasting heaps of paint. It is really good if you are using a lighter colour too!
Now you need to paint.....I also sanded the edges to attempt a vintage look.


Here are some photos of my preparations.....

Step 2: Cutting shapes from your papers.....
There are several ways to do this next step and it all comes down to individual preference.
In the document above it mentions the surfaces where you will cover the wood with paper. Some people prefer to trace around the shapes prior to painting and cut them out whilst the paint is drying. Some trace around after the paint has dried. Others choose to stick the wooden shapes onto the paper and then use a knife to trim around......just be careful not to cut into the wood or scratch it with this approach.
I don't really have a preference....usually it depends on time.

Step 3: Adhering papers to wooden product...
I am the biggest fan of Mod Podge. I love it! I don't think I have made an Off The Page project without it.
What I love about it is that you can use it as an adhesive and also as a sealant to protect your projects. It also means that you can wipe over your projects whilst they are displayed causing no effect to the papers.

It is best to use a good amount of Mod Podge when adhering papers to get a good coverage. It is also important to concentrate on the corners.
When you have placed your paper onto the wooden pieces make sure you carefully rub in a circle motion to help smooth out any bubbles.
Once you have adhered all paper pieces to the wooden pieces you can then go over the top of all the wooden surfaces including the painted edges with Mod Podge to protect your project.
Note: Don't seal papers if they have been adhered with double sided will end up with a mess!

Step 4: Join the frame together....
Kaiser products usually fit quite nicely together. If you find that the square is difficult to get into the base you may need to sand carefully the lugg on the square. Sometimes when we add layers of paint and paper we increase the thickness of the wooden piece.
I like to add a little wood glue when joining the pieces together for extra support.

Step 5: Adhere the heart together....
Again, I have added some wood glue to the heart shape and adhered it to the thin back panel.

Step 6: Decorate your heart....
I just love these Echo Park ~ Sweet Girl papers. I used them to make some flowers. I added an element sticker and some bling.
You may like to use a photo in here!

Step 7: Decorate your frame...
I used lots of flowers again on the frame. There are heaps of sites online that have simple, easy to follow instructions for making flowers.
A little banner and some ribbon.
The hooks are really easy to screw into the wood ~ I used no other tools other than my hands.....just be sure to put them in the centre.

Here is a close up of the flowers....

And another....

And the final product....
(Sorry about the pathetic photo.....and yes I did trim the ribbon)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial today.
Don't forget to get your entries in for this month's only have a few days left.
Pop back in a few days time to see what else I created with this kit...


  1. Wow Mel that is just beautiful. I love the papers. The Echo Park papers you have used to make the flowers are awesome. I love them all and you now have me looking at flower making. Grrrr Mel just something more for me to do lol. They are beautiful though. Love it all. XX

  2. This is gorgeous Mel and yes the papers are fantastic.

  3. Is there anything you're not good at Mel? OTP, Cards... layouts!!! I love this so much!!


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