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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Product Spotlight

Hi Everyone,

Mel here to share with you a new product on the shelves!

I have been having a play with this product and I have fallen in love with it!

It is so easy to use and it is so vibrant with stunning colour!

The product that I am spotlighting today is

Bachelor Button Blue

Lindy's Stamp Gang

Magicals are a unique product containing a powdered pigment stain that activates with water, with a burst of mica shimmer for ooomph!!
(Taken from the Lindy's Stamp Gang website)
The Bachelor Button Blue is a rich and vibrant blue with a soft blue shimmer.
Magicals come in a variety of colours.
I have been experimenting to see the different ways the Magicals work...whilst having lots of fun! 
Below I have shared some of the ways this product could be used...
1. Straight from the jar
Using a wet paint brush dip the brush into the powder and then add it to your project.

2. Add the powder to other mediums

Here I have added a small amount of powder to Mod Podge and Texture Paste.

3. Use Magicals with your stamps

Here I put Versamark Watermark Ink on my hexagon stamp and then took a dry brush and dusted the Magicals powder over the stamp. I then stamped it into cardstock.

The other one below and the one above I added water to the powder on the stamp. It also started to react when I began to wipe the powder with baby wipes.

For the following image...I used a stamp and the Versamark Watermark Ink and stamped the image onto the cardstock.
I then took a dry brush and some powder and brushed it over the stamped image.

4. Magicals as water colours
Add a small amount of powder to water and use this like a watercolour paint. The darker parts are where the powder has come back together and sunk to the bottom of the water.

5. Add a small drop of water to some powder to make a paste.
I have then painted this paste onto the card and then stamp an image over it.

6. Magicals and Baby Wipes
When cleaning my clear stamps with baby wipes I just happened to stamp the baby wipe onto the come up with this gorgeous effect.

These are just some of the ways that Magicals can be used. I am sure there are millions of other ways.
This product is so fantastic and such a great product for so many different projects, especially mixed media projects.

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out one of the latest products around.

I hope you got your challenge in...

Until next time,

Mel x


  1. This is a wonderful product Mel, I absolutely love them as well. Thanks for sharing some great tips on using Magicals.

  2. These are really cool Mel!! I will have to get some :) I love all of the different ways you have used it!!

  3. Thanks for sharing that Mel. It is great to be able to see the different ways of using the Magicals. Can't wait to try some of the different ways you have used them. xxx

  4. They look fab, may need to be my next must haves :)


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